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"u dont need makeup to be pretty just be urself!!!"

ok but consider this

  • i fucking love eyeliner



Get yourself over here then damn it


and it doesn’t matter who you’re saying it to

Any volunteers to come cuddle a super cold Sam and maybe watch some corny movies on VHS like space jam and the little vampire.

Hi. I know you haven't been feeling so hot lately so I just wanted to say that you are awesome and your blog makes me happy. I hope you feel better. It'll all be okay in the end. Love and light - A caring follower :)

Thank you sweetheart! You actually just made my day. I’m so glad to hear from you and hopefully with a nap and some aspirin I’ll be my old self again soon. Hope you had a wonderful day and have an even better night

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look at this cat he’s so happy with his leaf i think we should all be more like this cat